Sunday, 20 July 2014

Tailored Paradise

Well, it's a been a little while hasn't it? I've been very busy, as I have a intern placement at LK Bennett. 7 days of a week, is slowly becoming a norm for me! However, I need to post this up, as I am advising everyone to look on Missguided's sale. There is some absolute steals on there, which could save you those pennies this summer.
Example of this? I got these tailored midi length trousers for £9.99 reduced from £19.99. Myself is trying to go for a more, laid back, classier look so this was a perfect place to start. White trousers are taking highstreet stores by storm this year, and are perfect with a printed top or even some colour blocking.
I've put mine with this River Island steal crop top which was £12.00. I originally brought this for festivals, but put with the right things, can give also classy style. Now all I need now is a white blazer..

Before I go, can I just express my love for my new sunglasses? They are incredibly.. sassy! £16 from Topshop.

Friday, 11 July 2014


While I've been away and working for my little side placements, which I am enjoying incredibly, alongside my other opportunities I was given the chance to interview Street Style Blogger Johnathon Pryce @ Myself being a huge of fan of street style photography, I could not wait to hear what he has to say. Additonally, he also help create the project 100beards, and with my love of beards (and Ricki Hall) this is something I was dying to hear about!

Read my interview here at FATHERDUCK LONDON.

Thursday, 10 July 2014


It's been a busy month June, I've completed my first year at University, which was successful, and I am home for summer. With that I'm back at Job, bagged myself a PR intern-ship at this outstanding brand called FATHERDUCK, which I start mid-july, and I've picked up a few bits and bobs on the way. However it's only beginning of summer, who knows what instore next for me? Here's what I've been up to this month;

ISEEDAISY is growing, and if you don't know this is my own litte side hobby I have. Home-made sunglasses anyone?

I was lucky enough to grab tickets for AM at Finsbury Park. I know this was late may, but deserves a part in my Insta-June. It was incredible night, and I'm even more excited to be seeing them again in August.

If you are taking a trip to sunny Nottingham one day, then make sure you visit HOPKINSONS, by the trainstation. It's 3 floors of Vintage heaven, including a cute little tea shop. With massive bargains and one offs (even decor) you have no excuse. 

With my HOPSKINSONS experience, I left with a mini tea set for £3.50. I have a slight obsession with tea-party themes at the moment. 

Kicking off festival season for me, I was able to get a ticket for Parklife, the big dance festival in Manchester. Fabulous weekend with a few appearances of Snoop Dogg, Bastille and Foals.

I have given in and finally got a pair of sliders. *gospel sings*. From seing them all over LCM week, and in Givenchy, I have been wearing my pair more and more. A big must have for this summer everyone!

ISEEDAISY has been successful, with many styles in demand! (including this pair). So I created a batch of these. What do you guys think for Reading festival eh?

Home sweet home. Home bed > University Bed, oh you have been missed.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Topshop Glow Mousse / My Verdict?

Incase not many people know, and me being a employee for the brand, I know for  fact Topshop make-up is extremely underrated. Many of our consumers instore chose not to splash out on the lines, however I can quote they are a top investment to your makeup bag. Created by the makers of MAC and Chanel make-up, Topshop make-up not only keeps colours up to date with trends, but also has little exciting bits and bobs for when going out or adding a bit of shimmer to your look.

Today's purchase was Topshop Glow mousse. I've been wanting to try it for ages, so finally getting it, I was urging to put it on. I chose to go with the line Gleam, a bronze tone. I chose this colour purple for my brown hair, as I'm always putting on brown blusher to create more of a sun-kissed look to my face. This colour fits perfectly with my daily outfits, and perfect just to turn a dull mascara  to a little spark to your eyes. trying it out, I noticed this can be used for CHEEKS, not just eyes girls. Putting it on was easy, with a light touch of the mousse with my finger i was able to get enough to cover my eyelid. Starting from the inner part of my eyes to the outside of my eyelids, I created a fading affect with simple strokes.

This was effective, and not a lie, I've been adding this to my morning routine for the past week! However, beware as I found after a while the mousse can fade, clumping into the folds of my eyelid. This can not be a good look, so my advice is to pop a little bronze eyeshadow over the top to keep it fresh. Another downside I must put out, is it can be a little greasy, so make sure clean hands and clean hands after use is a must, or you're going to be seeing glitter everywhere!

ALSO! Don't follow me ad just use these for your eyes, it is for cheeks to, which it works much better for!

Anyway that's my little make-up 'review' shall I say? Want this? Grab it online and in store @ Topshop for £9.00!

enjoy! xx

Monday, 7 July 2014

Carry Me

Hello everyone! Incase you don't know, I am a massive fan of Urban Outfitters, and I am having such a urge to go on about this bargain I got recently! Pleated skirts are another big trend thats hit the highstreet this year, with a rise of the tennis skirt as well. As per usual, I had to hope onto this trend, as the pleated highwaisted skirt seems like an essential in my wardrobe.
The skirt I'm wearing is a massive find for me, from UO. Reduced from £40 to £10, this is a discount I couldn't miss. The pleats make the skirt good to layer with heavy tees and jumpers, but also to keep minimal with a crop top. If interested the skirt also comes with matching square vest for a full co-ord.
I finished my look with my home-made floral sunglasses, inspired by Prada. Buy them here.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Take It Easy

My orange dress is literally like my little black dress for me. Strangely is one of my big must's in my wardrobe. Even with that, a big colour this summer on the highstreet, as Topshop shows! It's the best colour next to white to give you an 'illusion' tan, so pale faces take note!
My dress if the popular shift dress that hit the stores in Topshop summer last year, coming in colours of black, pink, green, white, yellow and pastel shades. With that, the classic shift dress is one of those dress up with heels and dress down with a leather jacket must items.
Additionally, I have been able to also catch myself a Primark bargain which I have put into this look. Seen on the runway, and is a huge trend for 2014's summer is the oversized round sunglasses. With big names like Kylie Jenner embracing the look, everyone has been going nuts for a pair. Inspired by catwalk trends from brands such as Miu Miu ($370). This Primark copy is almost a complete look alike with the turtle pattern, but is only for £3. Grab a pair while you can!

Dress - TOPSHOP £42 / Sunglasses - PRIMARK £3 / Boots - TOPSHOP (ALLSORTS) £45 / Neckless - TOPSHOP £10.00