Sunday, 14 December 2014


It's been all over the internet these past few weeks. Once finally being opened Wednesday, I just could not wait to go and visit.

The Cereal Killer Cafe, located in Brick Lane, London. The only cafe in the UK which sells.. well only cereal. Started up by two twins from Belfast, the cafe has had huge attention even before opening. With coverage in The Independent, BBC News and Channel 4, it's not doubt first week of opening its incredibly busy.

Think lucky charms, every variety of Shreddies and even cereal jewellery to make up one of the most 'must-eat' places currently in London.

Walking in I was far too excited. With a good 10 minutes of deciding on what I wanted I finally chose with 'Boo-Berry', the american cereal filled with chocolate and blue berry fruity biscuits. Topped with M&M's, the small bowl was a steal for being only £2.50. In additon I could not help myself but grab a slice of cereal cheese cake. delicish.

'Boo-Berry' cereal, topped with m&m's. Oh and a side of cereal cheesecake.

The environment of the store was cereal oriented, literally. With a hint of a fantasy land (there were dancing coca-cola cans with sunglasses. 'cool'). Cereal art, cereal jewellery, cereal vintage boxes, it was a breakfast goers dream. It was quirky, personal and hugely creavite. It's an ideal place for the quick stops and the catchup with friends. With friendly service, and the employees being just as excited as the customers it was a fun-atmosphere from start to end (even though I was sad after finishing the cake!)

A place I hugely recommend in visiting. Due to it's backlash from Channel 4, claiming it's far too expensive for the location, I personally feel it was ideal. The novelty of the idea made the whole experience and travel worth it! I would most definitely go back, but maybe next time be more adventurous with my cereal choices, or buy two bowls.

Friday, 12 December 2014

The Christmas (wishful) list

Every year I can never decide on what I want for Christmas and I always end up making a list which is far too unrealistic. This year, is no different.

If I have to narrow a few things down it'll be these few little gems. (If there is anyone out there feeling extra generous this season you know who to shout for.)

For Christmas?

Topshop fur jacket

Topshop shoes

Moschino perfume

1) TOPSHOP X GLOW Trainers
I've always had an obsession with wearable items which would make my parents go upstairs and get 'rechanged'. Since seeing Ashish's Buffalo Trainers beginning of this year and with Topshop collaborating and bringing them to store, I've always had a little hidden desire for a pair of light up shoes. But I also don't have £350 to spare on a pair of shoes I can probably wear a few times before the battery blows. For that being a miss I was gutted. This season I was granted to find Topshop X Glow trainers have been brought online. £75 for a fair of comfy flat trainers and a LSD sole, I am on board!

2) Amsterdam
So travelling is something I really want to start putting my money to next year. I already have Paris and Berlin down, but Amsterdam is next to be booked on the list. With the huge attention it has got recently, there is no surprise I'm curious to visit the Netherlands. Watch this space, you never know when I'll suddenly go for that '2 day needed break'.

3) Moschino Toy
I was literally overwhelmed with excitement when I first saw this hit JS's instagram. Fragrance, cuddly toy and the attitude of Moschino all in one? Yes Please.

4) TOPSHOP Fur Jacket
I've always had a love/hate relationship with fur jackets and scarves. However, make it black and heavy and I am all over it. From Topshop of course, I feel this will be ideal for my winter warm up, topped with a pair of high-thigh boots. 

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Thigh High's Please!

It seems like this past few weeks everything has been slowly creeping into the craze of thigh hight boots (including me). I'm going to be honest, I've never been a huge fan. However, throw on a a platform sole and I am on board. 

With alot of searching, and a tight budget as it's end of term and back to work for Christmas, I needed a pair which didn't rinse my purse. With Riverisland being my key store for a pair of these, I mean I must has tried on 5 pairs in store, I just couldn't justify prices from £70-£120.

BUT, there was a god send, literally. I grabbed myself a pair from PRETTYLITTLETHINGS. I've never used them before, but I've heard good things. For £50 I could not miss them! 

This a bargain I feel every girl needs to take advantage of. However with high demand means always selling out so get shopping!

Grab a pair here

River island - £70 / Pretty Little Things - £50

The Thigh Boot Bargain

Thigh high platform boots

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Jingle All The Way

I'm far too excited that Christmas is on it's way (still got a good few 18 days to go still)! However big holidays, mean big occasions. These are my few festive outfit ideas, perfect for the glitter and glam season.

Ice Queen

The Festive Favourite

Night Before Christmas

Let It Snow

Thursday, 27 November 2014


I refuse to not wear skirts in these cold temperatures! Mainly because I always have my heart for summer, and no matter what I buy it's either too short or too cropped.
However working around my unpractical wardrobe in the winter months isn't too much of a challenge. I currently have a huge obsession on high and turtle necks. I feel there are one of the most flattering things you can have this winter, and are perfect for layering with a heavy mask and jewellery.
I purchased this little top from TOPSHOP and I am in love with it, mainly because it looks like I can blend into some 70's wallpaper. However available in yellow as well, its a ideal little top to wear in the day and in night, ideal to layer and to dress up with a bit of leather.

Top - TOPSHOP / Skirt - H&M / Bag - Urban Outfitters / Scarf - Primark