Saturday, 31 January 2015

Beauty Crush

2014 has had some weird, funny, but also exciting beauty trends. We've had bleached eyebrows, black lipstick and gelled hair. I admit, I'm not a fan of all of them, but there is a couple which I am literally in love with.

I'm really into FKA Twigs at the moment. With her jumping into the spotlight from no where, her refreshing look and attitude is what I think we need now, musically and in fashion. A look I am wanting to recreate is the gelled down/sweat look. Since that's her signature image I'll like to add, seems like even hair stylists have caught on board for SS15. 

It's a heavy influence on the 90's trend, a nostalgia that everyone seems to be jumping on (you know, choker accessories?). DKNY and Yohji Yamamoto have jumped on board with the trend. It's your classic slicked back hair with a bit of extreme fashion, turning the sophisticated look upside down. 


Yohji Yamamoto - SS15

Tuesday, 27 January 2015


If you didn't know I've just got back from Berlin! It was an amazing experience and a big recommend to any art-enthusiasts like me.  Apart from constant walking and being the usual tour guide, I did take some time out to shop and attend some tradeshows.

MONKI is a European store I wish we had here in the UK (like really wish). One thing that made me fall in love with the brand was the baggiest trousers I've ever laid my eyes on. I'm not one for lounge clothing, but topped with a bomber jacket and pair of Doc Martens, I felt it fitted perfectly with the atmosphere and stereotypes of Berlin.

Monday, 26 January 2015

'Want to become a blogger?'

I'm looking at you guys! Join the bandwagon and start blogging. I've recently written a mini step-by-step guide for MESS MAGAZINE! Have a peak?

Sunday, 25 January 2015

With Love, From Berlin

I'm back everyone and from a few weeks hiatus I am very excited to get back into my routine. It's been non stop since Christmas with deadlines at University, getting back into a weekday routine and also squeezing in a quick trip to Berlin.

However I have had a wonderful experience away and would hugely recommend Berlin to those keen travellers and creatives! I was lucky enough to go while Fashion Week and Tradeshows for winter 2015 was on, however with it just being a full 4 day trip it was a non stop rush to fit it all in,

While visiting the big tourist hotspots such as Berlin Wall, TV tower, Bikini Berlin and such I was able to attend the Bright, Premuim and Seek tradeshows. Each tradeshow was bursting with up and coming brands, alongside the big ones already. Trust me, I was in heaven. With brands such as Lazy Oaf, Vans, Plinsky, Converse, and much more spread across the 3 tradeshows, there was always something to look at and get excited about.

I was able to meet some amazing people behind the brands, while also finding new entrepreneurs and there creative new ideas. I even got a few free goodies here and there, which you cannot go wrong with!

If you work in Press or Blog, these tradeshows are a huge recommendation from me. Its a gold mine for the keen fashion/business enthusiast, with a few key benefits and meeting amazing people along the way.

Aside from the trade shows, Berlin was a beautiful, peaceful city. Compared to the busy pace of London, it was refreshing walking around in the winter weather. A big highlight of my week was the Alternative Tour (if you do end up going to Berlin, I fully recommend!!). The tour takes you around sights of Berlin which are hidden away to the average observer. Think street art, graffiti and a whole lot of stories behind them. The best part of it all, it was personal and with a donation just to pay at the end, the tour allows you to see Berlin in a whole different way.

I also got to go to the first exhibt of Mario Testino: In Your Face. It's increased my love for the photographer, and for you  keen celebrity shoots and editorial lovers, it's an exhibition that is right up your street. (expect see Gaga, Brad Pitt, Emma Watson and many other big faces). For a small amount of  5 euros you cannot go wrong. I might just go again when it hits London!

During my time I experienced so much, sadly I don't think I can fit it into one whole post! However, a picture says a 1000 words right?

Mario Testino: In Your Face

Monday, 19 January 2015

i'm away!

It's been a while here. University life has been a whole lot of deadlines, however I am now in Berlin! Got loads coming up, so make sure you check back soon. In the mean time, have a look at a bunch of stuff I've been working on - 

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

2014, that's a wrap! The quick summary

It feels like 2014 new years day was only a couple of months ago but with how this year has gone, it has been amazing year, no matter how fast it has flashed by. I've been up to alot and have been lucky enough to experience my dream jobs, successfully got through first year of University with a smashing 2:1 and even met some amazing people on the way.

I wasn't expecting much from the beginning of year, however being able to attend and London Fashion Week, meeting Alexa Chung and Jamie Wei Huang, I'm lucky enough to say that was just one of my highlights. I've took part in working for All Saints and LK Bennett, finally getting my paws into the industry.

University is now getting tense, with talk of dissertation already as I am 1 term into second year, I'm glad to say I've already made some amazing memories in my first few terms. I've met some incredible people along the way, some which I can say are now lifelong friends and some which share same ambitions as me, it's made me grow into a much confident person.
How could I forget the trip I made with the course beginning of the year to New York. Once in a life time experience, especially visiting during the last few weeks of the Christmas season.

It's hard to put into a blog post how much I have really done this year, but let's just say I have pretty much hit all the corners of some of the things I wouldn't even see myself experiencing this year (including visiting New York!).

2015, I am hoping is going to be just as good to me. Hopefully keeping my hopes high I will be able to land some equally beneficial experiences, travel more, meet more exciting people. With Berlin and London fashion week, a trip to Disneyland Paris and a 3 more terms to complete, I'm more than excited to see where the path leads me.

It's a wrap for 2014, you've been a good one!

Sunday, 14 December 2014


It's been all over the internet these past few weeks. Once finally being opened Wednesday, I just could not wait to go and visit.

The Cereal Killer Cafe, located in Brick Lane, London. The only cafe in the UK which sells.. well only cereal. Started up by two twins from Belfast, the cafe has had huge attention even before opening. With coverage in The Independent, BBC News and Channel 4, it's not doubt first week of opening its incredibly busy.

Think lucky charms, every variety of Shreddies and even cereal jewellery to make up one of the most 'must-eat' places currently in London.

Walking in I was far too excited. With a good 10 minutes of deciding on what I wanted I finally chose with 'Boo-Berry', the american cereal filled with chocolate and blue berry fruity biscuits. Topped with M&M's, the small bowl was a steal for being only £2.50. In additon I could not help myself but grab a slice of cereal cheese cake. delicish.

'Boo-Berry' cereal, topped with m&m's. Oh and a side of cereal cheesecake.

The environment of the store was cereal oriented, literally. With a hint of a fantasy land (there were dancing coca-cola cans with sunglasses. 'cool'). Cereal art, cereal jewellery, cereal vintage boxes, it was a breakfast goers dream. It was quirky, personal and hugely creavite. It's an ideal place for the quick stops and the catchup with friends. With friendly service, and the employees being just as excited as the customers it was a fun-atmosphere from start to end (even though I was sad after finishing the cake!)

A place I hugely recommend in visiting. Due to it's backlash from Channel 4, claiming it's far too expensive for the location, I personally feel it was ideal. The novelty of the idea made the whole experience and travel worth it! I would most definitely go back, but maybe next time be more adventurous with my cereal choices, or buy two bowls.